Since its creation in 1992, the charity BVES has dreamt of ‘a world with rights for every child’.


To turn this dream into a reality, BVES aims to contribute to the promotion, protection and defence of children’s fundamental rights.

BVES fights for the effective application of the United Nations convention and its optional protocols of 20th November 1989 relating to Children’s Rights, but also supports other international, regional and national bodies whose aim is to protect children and their rights.

BVES particularly wants to contribute to the protection and defence of the fundamental human rights of children who have been victims of economic and social marginalization, as well as children victims of armed conflicts (street children, children who have been incarcerated, children without guardians, child soldiers, child victims of exploitation, etc.) and children who have been separated from their families. Thus,

BVES aims essentially to:

  • Prevent violations of children’s human rights
  • Monitor the situation regarding children’s rights
  • Advocate the protection of children’s rights to bring an end to rights violations
  • Provide a transitional welcome with adequate psychosocial care for child victims of human rights violations
  • Help these children to be reintegrated into community and family life
  • Help create a community environment that will ensure the protection of the fundamental rights of these children
  • Activities

BVES steps in essentially in the following domains:

  • Prevention of children’s rights violations
  • Community monitoring of children’s rights violations
  • Advocacy for the introduction of laws to protect children and bring about peace
  • Transitional humanitarian welcome and support (shelter or housing, healthcare, food, psychosocial care, education,
  • protection) of children who have been victims of human rights violations
  • Family research, mediation, reintegration of children into the family and community
  • Reintroducing children into education (formal and informal) or into the job market, and reintegration of children into the community at large
  • Community organization in favour of the protection of children’s rights, and of the promotion of peace and development
  • Co-ordination of NGOs who defend children’s rights, to help the different organizations work together
  • Skills building (through training, support sessions, consultations, brochures and handouts etc.)