Generally speaking, family reunification is the preferred solution above any other, when the conditions of the child, family and environment (in terms of security and community) are permitting it. Amongst the different solutions of reintegration, priority is given to reunification of the children with their immediate or extended family as soon as possible. Where this is impossible, the children are directed toward the FJA (Foyer pour les Jeunes Autonomes – Youths homes) and BVES follows up on them.

In order to prepare the children before sending them back to their families, they are given material aid (clothes, shoes, etc.). The process of family reintegration is made official with a ceremony, and this helps to fight against the re-recruitment of the demobilised child soldiers.

After the reunification of a child with his or her family, BVES begins to monitor and make monthly visits to evaluate the state of affairs, the evolution of its project, and to facilitate an alternative reorientation for the child if necessary.

Demobilised child soldiers may choose to return to school or to learn an income-earning profession at the heart of their respective communities. BVES provides financial and material aid to each of these child reinsertion projects.